Emergency Relief: Southern Africa and Venezuela

Flooding In South Africa Cyclone Devastates Africa

"I lack the words to describe the situation, a scenario that is the worst in our history. It will take years to recover..to repair the infrastructure such as clinics, schools, hospitals, houses, etc. People have lost lives with some left hopeless."
These are the words of our partner, John Dube, in Zimbabwe. They are desperate for our assistance following the cyclone last week that affected more than 2 million people across 3 nations. By donating to our Disaster Relief fund, you allow us to provide the specific needs in each nation, empowering the local church to be beacon of light and hope in their own communities! Will you partner with us today?
Clean Water In Venezuela

Partnering For The People of Venezuela

(Photo credit: Fernando Llano, AP) Many of you have seen the photos coming out of Venezuela and across the border in Colombia. People are desperate for basic needs...especially water. Through our partnership with Great Cities Missions, and the Brentwood Hills and West Broward churches of Christ, we have already been able to get water filtration kits, antibiotics and Bibles into the hands of Venezuelan Christians. We are making preparations to do more and need you to prayerfully join us in this effort. As the local church ministers to these refugees, doors are being opened and souls are being saved! 

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