Zambia Water Well Drilling and Repair
Posted by HHI Webmaster on October 6, 2011

Healing Hands International has worked with Charles Hill and the Chambersburg church of Christ since 2008 to repair and drill wells in the Siavonga District of Southern Zambia. Despite being close to Lake Kariba the area is very dry and the people depend on boreholes for their water needs. If the wells break then people are forced to go without water for awhile or they must resort to surface water. We have noticed the shifting of populations in the area based on where water can be found.


Our goal for this fall in Zambia was to drill three wells and repair ten. The parts for repairing wells are purchased in pump repair kits which come with a set of frequently used parts. We have found this is less expensive and less time consuming than purchasing only the parts we think might be needed. When repairing pumps we often find we don't need all the parts of a pump kit.


News travels fast and when the repair crew arrives to fix a pump, members of the community show up to help with the labor intensive process. It is also common for people from nearby communities to come to the site where the well is being repaired to request their broken pump be looked at too. This has happened several times as the ten wells were being repaired and thanks to a few extra parts an additional five wells were able to be repaired as well!