Women Embracing Opportunity
Posted by Jessica Marble on July 11, 2012

Hearing about the "Women Worth a Million" program was exciting, but visiting the women supported by the "Women Worth a Million" program  was inspiring. Over the past month in Ghana, I have witnessed over 125 women become empowered and encouraged. Through training, these women have the skills and knowledge they need to help provide for their children. The training in pomade and jewelry making will provide a new product to be sold in the market. With so much competition in the market in many products, a new product will offer more profit.


It is normal in the U.S. for women to have a career and to rise up in leadership roles. These Ghanaian women are not given that opportunity. They have leadership abilities to go above the standard. Healing Hands helps provide an opportunity and these ladies embrace it. Their hard work and care for their husbands and children was influential. Lacking many resources, conveniences, and education doesn't stop these women from making sure their children are receiving education and resources.


I am confident that these women will be successful. It has already been proven. They gave the glory to God and were always thanking Healing Hands for the program and the opportunity it provides for them. This sustainable project will grow and allow their children to be better off. It will provide for their grandchildren and generations to come.


Just like I have been inspired spending time with women you have helped empower, my desire is to share their stories with you. Look forward to reading more details of the Ghana trip in the future. For more information about how you can empower women, email Jessica Biby at jbiby@hhi.org


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