What's Worth Fighting For?
Posted by Jessica Marble on February 20, 2013

What is worth fighting for? Everyone has the right to eat. Every six seconds, a child dies of hunger. Are you interested in helping solve this problem?


The solution to this problem is not giving people food, but to teach them how to grow their own food. Sounds like such a simple idea, right? Last year, the food sustainability program was able to teach 1,500 people how to grow their own food. Can you imagine how many people that is when you include their families too? What is incredible about this program is how contagious it is! Many of our trainees become trainers and share their new knowledge with those in their communities.


We haven't even told you the best part yet. While teaching these hundreds of people how to plant seeds, we are able to plant seeds in their heart about God. Ebenezer Udofia, Director of African Agriculture and Carl Burkybile, Director of Agriculture use biblical principles and examples to teach food sustainability. Think of all the great garden responsibility examples there are in the Bible! The theme of this program describes this well: "First the bread, then the bread of life."


You can join the new HHI Hunger Fighting team by giving up something small.

  • Give up one fast food meal a month ($10), and give 15 families the skills to have food for a lifetime.
  • Give up one fast food meal for your family a month ($25), and give 35 families the skills to have food for a lifetime.


Will you help us win this fight? Join the Hunger Fighting Team