We Love You With The Love Of The Lord
Posted by Jessica Marble on October 12, 2012

"We love you with the love of the Lord

We see in you, the beauty of our King

We love you with the love of the Lord"


42 sweet 2nd graders from Lipscomb Academy sang this song to us after they visited us at Healing Hands today. Every year, the second grade teachers bring their students to our facility to bring their Magi Boxes. Watching those children walk of the bus put a smile on everyones faces. It was fun to ask them questions about how many boxes Healing Hands was able to send last year. We got both "96" and a "5 million" answer! How cute! When they got to the 18,000 answer, they were very excited. When they walked into the warehouse, they exclaimed, "WOW, LOOK AT ALL THESE MAGI BOXES!"


Today I realized how thankful I am to work for an organization that gives others opportunities to give. I am thankful that so many people want to give. These 7 and 8 year old children encouraged all of us. After they sang, the song to us, our warehouse manager Sean Judge said, "By giving these children these gifts, you are telling them that you love them with the love of the Lord. You are showing them the love of Christ."


Thank you to all our supporters, donors, and Magi Box givers for showing the love of Christ to thosands of people.