Thoughts From A First Time MAGI Participant
Posted by Ashley Reeves on October 29, 2014

The following is a letter from a woman named Selma who participated in the MAGI project for the first time this year.  

My name is Selma Vasconcellos Raab. I am originally from Brazil, member of Three Chopt Church of Christ in Richmond,VA. Last year (2013) I had the opportunity to hear a presentation on International Healing Hands and I was very impressed. In that same year I decided to put together one MAGI box for a girl. Choosing gifts to bring her hope, love, and joy made me feel so happy and have a very good time. And I decided to share it.

My husband is a part time preacher at Oceana Church of Christ in Virginia Beach. I talked with Leah, a sister in Christ and asked her if she would like to help me to make some boxes this year, and she agreed. I did the same at Three Chopt Church of Christ. I recruited several sisters to donate their time and talents to this project. The elders agreed to our goal: 50 boxes!

We had the most amazing experience working and putting everything together. Our church members, friends and family coming  with a big smile and telling us how they were enjoying to make the boxes. We celebrated each MAGI box we got with love, hope and joy.

For me, it was fantastic to have everybody so engaged and happy packing the boxes and listen to the women I was working with saying,  “Let's make 100 next year! God is good!”

For 2015 we are praying and planning to be a  MAGI Drop Off Point at Three Chopt Church of Christ in Virginia!

Thank you for providing the opportunity to Make a Godly Impact in children’s lives (and ours)!

In Christian Love,

Salma Vasconcellos Raab