Thankful for Partnerships
Posted by Jessica Marble on February 27, 2013

Can you think of a time you recognized that God has put someone in your life with a purpose? At Healing Hands International, we are always talking about ways God is working to put us in partnership with other Christians to work together to accomplish His will. One of these opportunities came to us through a wonderful couple, Lt. Gen. John Bradley (Ret.) and his wife Jan, founders of The Lamia Afghan Foundation.


The Lamia Afghan Foundation is based on hope, compassion, and care that is dedicated to helping the children and disadvantaged people of Afghanistan by providing humanitarian aid, educational opportunities and vocational training that will help the next generation of Afghans have opportunities unattained by their parents. The foundation believes that the hope for the future of Afghanistan lies in the education of its youth. Can you imagine being a child growing up in a country where all you know is war?What a distraction that must be from education.


Since working together LAF and HHI have shipped 10 loads of aid. Healing Hands was able to help LAF with shipping two 53 ft. truck loads of winter aid to a military air base for shipment to Afghanistan on December 15th. Included in this shipment was hospital beds and supplies for the Khairabad village in Herat Providence. This village only had one mud school and the closest clinic was 20 miles away. Now, because of The Marshall Plan Charities, the Bradleys, and local Afghans, this village has a clinic, school, skills center, and irigation pipeline for growing crops and clean water wells. All of the structures were built by the local Afghans.


 We are very thankful for open doors and opportunitites, as well as the Bradleys who choose to partner with us and help thousands around the world.