Small Packs, Big Impact
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on July 19, 2018

Meet our friend Agnes who lives in Zambia. She delivered her baby on the same morning our team distributed hand sewn women’s hygiene packs at the Namwianga hospital in Zambia. As we explained how and why to use the items in the drawstring sack, her face lit up! “Thank you, thank you...” she kept whispering.

Tevia, Namwianga’s head Nurse Midwife at the Namwianga hospital informed us con dently, “the hygiene packs save lives.” She explained to us that the dirty rags and cloths new mother’s would be using otherwise to stop the bleeding can cause all kinds of infection. The hygiene package of 12 clean pads along with the opportunity to provide education on cleanliness and sanitation is invaluable for these women. This seemingly simple solution is “revolutionary” says Marylou Behnke, MD who serves on Zambia Mission Fund’s board. “People don’t always understand that there are many girls and women in the world who can’t go to school, can’t go to work, are ostracized... and it happens every month.” She says. Can you imagine what a hygiene pack could do for someone in this situation? It brings freedom and is absolutely life changing.

Thank you to the MANY people who sew around the U.S. who have been making these hygiene packs for years. We encourage YOU to jump on board with this exciting ministry.