Shoes for the Philippines
Posted by Ashley Reeves on March 18, 2014

Many are still spending every day picking up the pieces of their lives in the Philippines. In the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, the greatest needs we heard from the people were for clean water, food, shelter, and medical care. And we addressed those needs. As you know, we sent containers of water filters, dried meals, tents, and medical supplies.

Since the initial shock has diminished, we began to receive multiple requests for shoes. Big shoes, little shoes, ANY shoes! We decided to work toward that request! We partnered with our friends from Soles 4 Souls and Sketchers to send a container full of shoes for anyone who needed them. Our contact in the Philippines was able to distribute the shoes to three different elementary schools. There were enough to provide shoes for many children who did not have any. Now these children, whose lives have been forever altered by a natural disaster, can at least be proud to own the shoes on their own two feet. Healing Hands International is working with our contacts in the Philippines to focus on providing assistance in different long term development projects, but we do believe it is important to attend to immediate needs of the people in the meantime. Thank you for helping us provide these gifts of shoes! Your generosity is truly appreciated.