Seven Women Baptized in Tanzania!
Posted by Cristen Harper on September 22, 2022

Few opportunities exist for women in Silalei, Tanzania. Thankfully, HHI Women of Hope Coordinator, Paulina, was able to access this community. Paulina trained the women in business and savings skills allowing them to use what they already have to create opportunities for themselves. Paulina hosted a Savings Group Training for over forty women in the community.

Upon completion of the training, the ladies launched the Baraka (or Blessings) Savings Group. This group provides a way for the women to begin accumulating capital that will be used to start businesses. However, it is not just a financial blessing the group has received. Women are beginning to learn and experience that God’s love is not limited to certain people in certain places. Now, more than seven women have been baptized! Praise God, and welcome to the family dear sisters. We are eager to witness how these women will bring the Kingdom to others.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek of a Women of Hope Savings Group Training! Unfortunately, many women in rural communities, like Silalei, do not have access to business training. Limited resources makes it difficult to start businesses. Paulina is on a mission to make these lessons accessible to women all across Tanzania. One way she seeks to make trainings available for many communities is through the use of a translator. The majority of women in rural communities do not speak the dominant language, so this is a very special opportunity for women to learn!

We are grateful for Paulina's heart to reach women around the country by sharing knowledge and spreading the love of Jesus! Will you join us in making these trainings accessible for more women?

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