Saving for a Brighter Future
Posted by Grace Boucher on June 15, 2022
For many of us, saving money is something we've learned from a young age as an important discipline for managing finances. But, stewarding finances and planning for the future is a privilege that many of our neighbors near and far don't have. This is especially true for our sisters in rural Zimbabwe who lack access to traditional banking, savings, and insurance institutions that are common in the United States. This is where Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) come in. VSLAs are a community-based method of saving money for unexpected events and larger purchases.

Sarah Zvirikure, a mother in Nhedziwa, is a part of a sewing co-op and just received her first payout from the savings group. She says, "I always thought that if one wants to keep money, there is a need to keep it in large sums. But, with the VSLA, I discovered that one can save money according to what she can afford and can still do wonders with that little amount. Indeed, this is a life-changing program and I would like to encourage the women that they can save a little today and earn more tomorrow." A little money saved can go a long way in Zimbabwe!

Sarah used her savings to launch a thriving poultry business and looks forward to what will be possible for her family, her church, and her community as she continues to save. Help us break the cycles of poverty and support a VSLA training for women, like Sarah.