Refugee Outreach in Athens, Greece
Posted by Brooke Kehl on July 13, 2016

HHI has partnered with Omonia Church of Christ for many years, but since the beginning of the Refugee Crisis, we have once again renewed our relationship with the church located in Athens, Greece by sending funds to assist them in their ministry to refugees. These funds aid in providing food, clothing and medical care.

According to the BBC, the Refugee Crisis refers to a group of “more than a million migrants and refugee who crossed into Europe in 2015” and the hardships many countries face as they “struggled to cope” with the arrival of such a large amount of people.

There has been a continued increase of refugees who find themselves in Athens, fleeing war, persecution and violence. Greece is the first European Union country many come to on their travels because of its proximity to Turkey.

Our partners in Greece, Alex and Eleni Melirrytou, write, “The Omonia family was blessed to be in the right place at the right time-present in this critical time of displaced and chased away people.”

From the beginning of the refugee exodus, God has brought many families in need to the Omonia family. According to the Melirrytous the church has asked God “to bring people who needed a helping hand, a kind word, a warm hug and above all, God’s love.”

Not only does the Omonia family welcome refugees to service on Sundays, the church keeps its doors open all week, using their facility to have English class, serve meals and  experience fellowship.

“When they leave the building, they leave with a renewed hope; a sense of safety and  a sense of confidence in God’s sovereignty concerning their future,” Alex and Eleni write. “They are open to the love story of Jesus, his amazing work on the cross to take away sin forever, the possibility of gaining heaven in eternity and heaven among his people.”

HHI is thankful for the generous support that helps church families like Omonia to serve during the Refugee Crisis. Please continue to pray for this situation and the effect it is having on the world!