Read about YOUR impact in the Etinana Village of Nigeria!
Posted by Cristen Harper on February 3, 2022

The Ikot Obio Eka Church of Christ is located in the Etinana Village of Nigeria. The village is currently a dump site for waste water from the nearby city. As you can imagine, this greatly impacts the quality of their water. Boniface Effiong, a member of the community, spoke of the challenges his village has endured with water over the years, including paying exorbitant prices for water to be trucked in, or walking four to five kilometers to obtain water during the dry season.

"Today, the entire village, especially the women and children, are excited because this project has brought relief to our families, shared Boniface. Local preacher, Uko Gideon Edet, also expressed his appreciation for the well, saying, "We will now be able to drink clean water, have a healthy lifestyle and our standard of living will improve." The congregation will be able to provide water at no cost to its neighbors, meaning this gift has the potential to change both physical and spiritual lives!