Preventing Disease Before it Begins
Posted by Ashley Reeves on January 29, 2016
The people of Masaani, Kenya get their water from one of two places: shallow wells scattered throughout the community, or the Masaani River. When both of these options dry out in the dry season, people dig sand pits in the river until water is reached.
This sandy water is often a source of typhoid– one of the developing world's most life threatening, yet preventable diseases.
In 2007, preacher Abraham Kivesi, found himself dealing with a terrible case of typhoid. He began using a water filter to purify his water and shortly after, he began to get better. Immediately, he requested for Healing Hands International to send enough water filters for each of the 35 families in his congregation. Because of his wise action, over the next few years the Masaani community was able to prevent disease before it began. Water filters caused Typhoid cases to decrease dramatically, and people kept their health throughout the dry season.

If you have contacts that need water filters, please send them our way. Last year, we provided over 2,000 water filters to families in need all over the world!