Praying For A Godly Impact
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on December 3, 2018

Last month, our MAGI team along with a group of 15 from Texas and Oklahoma traveled to McAllen, Texas. There they spent a few days with members from Pharr North church of Christ to help distribute MAGI boxes. The Pharr church has been actively planting churches along the border for many years using MAGI boxes to open doors for evangelism.

While on their journey, the team had the opportunity to visit and distribute boxes with the Palmview church of Christ which is supported by Pharr North.  As they were distributing, one of the ministers, Jose Cabellos, took them to a new housing development and began to explain why this place was so special to him. He said, “The name of the street where these houses are being built is “El Camino” (translated: "The Way"). Jose believes God is leading them to share "The Way" with the people of this community and felt called to share his excitement with our team. He encouraged us to pray over this land and our team brought back this jar, which contains soil from this housing development.

Join us in prayer in 2019 for this exciting opportunity God has placed before Jose and the Palmview church of Christ! Your boxes are truly Making A Godly Impact!

It's not too late to pack a box...the deadline for boxes going to Zambia is January 1...


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