Nora Meets Mozambique
Posted by Abbey Watson on August 7, 2017

Our blog post for this Monday is extra special because we have another guest writer! Nora Johnson went to Mozambique this summer and was blessed with the opportunity to see some of the Women of Hope in action. Below is Nora's story from her time abroad, and her beautiful outlook on God's work!


My friend Palpina walks 14 miles every day without complaint to travel to and from her farm. Angelina is one of the spunkiest women I’ve ever met. Anna’s ear-to-ear smile effortlessly lights up a room from a mile away.





This summer, I worked as an intern for a team of missionaries in Montepuez, Mozambique. One of the highlights of my time there was spending time with the women of Urerihana. Twice, a few of my team members and I were invited to join women while they gathered to work. We strung flip-flop beads with Amsina, cut fabric with Josephina, and arranged placemats with Hortencia. As we worked, the women joked, danced, and sang praises in the native language, Makua-Metto. Their joy was contagious! 




Despite the daunting cultural and language barriers, these ladies welcomed my team into their lives and work, all while showing us incredible hospitality. Being in a foreign country, in a place where I knew very little about the lifestyle, could have been draining and challenging. Instead, I was completely at peace in my environment. I was surrounded by a group of godly Mozambican women who made a conscientious effort to be my friends, and mentored to me without needing a common language. The lovely women of Urerihana hold a treasured place in my heart, and I am so very thankful for a kindness that I will not soon forget.

I hope you enojyed Nora's story and getting to see a glimpse of how precious our Women of Hope are!