The Mulitplied Harvest
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on August 5, 2021

A sustainable food source is a life-changing opportunity for the hope and health of individuals, families, and communities. In March of 2020, the Ajono Yivo Village hosted a survival gardening workshop training 35 people. Equipped with the knowledge and skills to grow their own food, the trainees set out to practice their new skills on their own. Joyce Ajonye said, "The workshop was an eye-opener. I now can produce vegetables for family and start a small business selling vegetables." Rashid Chadribo, another attendee and teacher said that he plans to "apply this gardening knowledge where I teach." Not only do the survival gardening workshops have a positive impact on trainees, but it has a positive ripple effect as trainees share their knowledge with others.

After attending the workshop, Richard Lematio was inspired to start his own community garden! He invited other trainees from the March workshop to join him in his development efforts near Arua, Uganda. Just a few short months later, the community garden beds were prepared and planted. Unfortunately, the garden faced challenges after animals came and destroyed the growing crops. The group was disappointed but not defeated. Through a loan and donations, they were able to build a wire fence around their garden to protect it from future damage!

As the group continued to repair the garden, Healing Hands trainer Joseph Edema reached out to HHI for additional support. Thanks to generous donors, Healing Hands was able to provide seeds, drip irrigation supplies, and a water tank. Now, the community is beginning to harvest tomatoes, pigeon peas, and kale! Joseph is proud to witness the gardeners passing on their knowledge and teaching valuable skills and to others. Thanks to Richard's vision, a whole community now has access to sustainable nutrition.


You can partner with people like Richard to take people from Hunger to Harvest! When you give to the Hunger to Harvest ministry at HHI, you empower individuals and communities with the tools and training to feed themselves for LIFE!

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