More for Mother
Posted by Jessica Marble on April 30, 2013

Who is someone that has played a special role in your life? Many of us could say our mothers influenced us in many ways. Whether it was steering us in the right direction as children, teaching us how to be gentle and kind, or making a favorite dinner for our birthday, our mothers hold a special place in our hearts. It is amazing how around the world God made all mothers to be alike in the way they nurture and care for their children and those around them. In working in developing countries, it has been a blessing to see the great love and hard work a woman will do to take care of her children.


Through the Women Worth A Million program, Healing Hands has been able to train hundreds of women with skills and opportunities so they can better financially care for their children. We have been able to work with women around the world and use their talents to make jewelryapparel, and shea butter products to sell in our store, office, and at HOPE parties. Have you bought your mom a Mother's Day gift yet? Why not buy something from a mother across the world in India, Ghana, or Mozambique? The proceeds from your purchase will be reinvested in empowering more women. From now until May 8, order in our store and use coupon code: Mothersday13 for 10% off your entire order. Ordering by May 8 will guarantee receiving it for Mother's Day, and shipping is included in the item prices.