Making A Godly Impact In Honduras
Posted by Ashley Reeves on December 26, 2013

A team of 15 from Healing Hands International was able to spend last week in Honduras distributing the packages that YOU so lovingly put together for the children there.  HHI has partnered with Mission Lazarus for 10 years in providing Christmas boxes for the children of church members they are working with there. This act is not only a gesture of kindness during Christmastime, it is a small part of the bigger picture of on-going ministry in Honduras throughout the year. Mission Lazarus works with 27 church plants in the greater San Marcos area. Each congregation records the attendance of their kids during the year, and around November the preachers turn in lists to Mission Lazarus of the children that have had good attendance. Based on that list, Marina, the Honduran warehouse manager, creates a plan for distribution once the team from Healing Hands International arrives.

We spent our week traveling dirt roads to the different churches on our lists, encouraging each congregation in the Lord, praying for their church and their ministry, then passing out the Christmas boxes to their children. Their appreciation for the boxes was humbling, but even more impactful were their words of encouragement for us. Several churches made signs saying "Thanks Healing Hands!" One young girl from a small congregation came forward to read a letter she had written to our group in front of the congregation. She encouraged us in the good work and asked us to not forget them as they try to follow Jesus and impact their community. The faces of this young girl and her congregation are ones we won't soon forget.