MAGI Boxes Delivered to Blind Village

In July, HHI along with Ellie Hamby (Zambia Mission Fund administration) and a small group of ACU nursing students had the opportunity to distribute MAGI boxes to a blind village in Zambia. The Simakakuta village is a 45 member community made up of those who are completely blind, partially blind, and those who have married into or are children of the blind. At one time, the group lived in the center of town, but as they grew in number, the government insisted they be moved out. The officials promised to provide land, food, and shelter, but when it came down to it, nothing was provided for them. Without any resources, the group was forced into outskirts of the city.

Ruhtt Mbumwae along with her husband Shepherd, both missionaries at Zambia Mission Fund, came upon the blind community walking aimlessly in a group during one of their trips into town. They listened to the people and realized the extent of the injustice the blind community was facing. Ruhtt began reaching out to them regularly, arranging for her students at the George Benson College to help build homes, a school, and a church for the community, creating a small village. That act of kindness blossomed into a strong relationship between the blind and the Zambia Mission Fund who has delivered MAGI boxes for several years.  

When asked about the impact of MAGI boxes on this community and others in Zambia Ellie said, “It is really such a great idea. These gifts are things these kids would never get otherwise and it’s such an encouragement to them.”

We are looking to increase the number of boxes we send to Zambia this year, some of which will go to the blind village! For more information or to ask questions, please contact Cindy Herring at 615-832-2000.