Leonard gets a surprise gift!
Posted by Cristen Harper on February 17, 2021

We are grateful for the Healing Hands donor that made it possible to purchase a motorcycle for Leonard Maposa in Zimbabwe!

Leonard has been instrumental in organizing more than 20 Survival Gardening training workshops, and he has been making numerous follow ups to these areas, as well. These frequent follow up visits by Leonard and his wife have made a positive impact on the performance of these community gardens. The follow ups provide encouragement and help HHI to monitor and evaluate results from our training.

Leonard said, “This is a surprise! I never expected to own a motorcycle.” Leonard’s wife, Sihle, said with excitement, “I never dreamed of one day owning such a valuable asset or riding a motorcycle. This is a true blessing from God. I am short of words to describe this but I am very happy.”

Leonard has been walking as much as 6 miles or more to make follow up garden visits, organize workshops, and assist with water well drilling and pump installations in the Masvingo area. Leonard described how God has answered his prayers as these long travels by foot have never been easy. He said, “I am very excited. The motorcycle will make my work easy. I look forward to increasing my follow-ups. This bike will save time and energy making is possible to efficiently gather information through follow up visits. I thank Healing Hands International for such a big donation.”

Leonard also believes there will be improvement in the effectiveness of his work as a local preacher. He says, “I will have more time to visit church visitors and members as well as our World Bible School students in the area.”