It All Begins With Water

Meet our little friend, Nafaline who lives in Haiti. She is seven years old and in the second grade. Her favorite game to play is hideand seek! 

In Haiti, if a family lacks close access to water, the responsibility of providing water for the household falls on the children. Before a clean water well was drilled in her community, Nafaline walked several miles each day to collect water. But now, clean water is accessible to Nafaline and her family. She is now able to focus more time and energy on being a good student in school and just being a kid!

More than 50% of children in Haiti are unable to attend school due to the excessive time spent collecting water. That’s why at Healing Hands we say, “It all begins with water!” 

By providing clean water wells:

• Children have the time to return to school.

• Adults spend more time providing financially for their families because illness is dramatically reduced.

• Families are able to successfully grow food year round.

But the greatest impact? A spiritual one! When a water well is drilled through Healing Hands International, it is drilled in partnership with the local church allowing people the opportunity to receive the Living Water. Healing Hands is making history! We plan to drill our 1,000th water well in our history next month in Haiti. Nafaline’s story is just one of the millions of people whose lives have been changed by clean water.