India receives aid during food shortage
Posted by Emily Lansdell on June 3, 2020

Lives are slowly moving forward during the global pandemic, but in some parts of the world, food shortages continue every day. In India, recent donor gifts have equipped us to feed approximately 75 families through the church in Nellore, which also contributed toward the distribution. Although Hinduism is the prevalent faith in India, the power of Jesus Christ is making an impact for the Kingdom as His people are feeding the hungry.

Among these families in need are many women who have received training through the sewing school sponsored by the HHI Women of Hope ministry. One woman called "K" came to the school as a widowed mother of two. While learning sewing skills that enable her to earn a living, she also learned about Jesus and was later baptized into Christ.  

Another sewing student called "KR" was baptized, along with her husband, after completing her sewing training through Women of Hope almost three years ago. Along with most area businesses that have been challenged at this time, her husband’s job as a driver has produced very little income in recent months. The gift of food is critical to families like this one.

Others are also suffering with their own challenges such as "R," who lives and works in the marketplace. This blind woman, who as an orphan had been cared for by local vendors, has also been experiencing hunger.

There are also children who are struggling without a reliable food source and no real supervision. One group of children lost their parents and then two years later, they lost the grandmother who cared for them. Their education has been provided through HHI, but their physical needs are significant during the current lockdown in the area.

Healing Hands International and the Women of Hope ministry are blessed to partner with supporters who care deeply about these souls in need. Your giving makes it possible for these families to experience the healing power and love of Jesus Christ in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances.