A "Fruitful" Prison Ministry
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on April 17, 2012

We plant seeds. Others will water and nurture and God will give the increase. Healing Hands has been planting both physical and spiritual seeds in Africa. Ebenezer Udofia, Healing Hand’s Agricultural Director to Africa, has been planting seeds in an uncommon way.


Ebenezer has recently taught at the Shimo La Tewa Prision in Mombasa, Kenya. This prison holds 2,400 male inmates. It is required from the Prisons Act, that the prisoners are to have vegetables in their diets at least once a day. Thirty prisoners and ten officers chosen were trained in composting, constructing raised plant beds, mulching, and drip irrigating. Ebenezer taught them how to plant the seeds, but the story of God’s harvest has yet to be fully seen.


One fruit of the seeds is Mohammad. Mohammad, who only had a few days left in jail said, “Look everyone, I think this training actually came because of me, as I have few days remaining I will go back and implement these skills in my community and those that were not in prison will come and learn good skills from me." He can go back to his family and village to teach them how to sustain a garden.


Another fruit is Felix. The agricultural training has become an alternative to an unhealthy lifestyle that caused Felix’s imprisonment. Gardening will be his way of life and with the Lord’s increase, he will be able to plant seeds in the hearts of others. Felix has never had friends or family visit him in prison. Ebenezer visited him and planted the love of God in his heart.


The Shimo La Tewa Prison was the second prison Ebenezer has visited. The first prison he taught has resulted in a plentiful harvest. Family and friends visiting the prisoners have seen this work and requested Ebenezer to come and teach their villages.


Check out some great before and after pictures of the prison gardens in our media gallery.


The fruit of the seeds will continue to increase and we may never see the whole harvest. Would you like to help us plant the harvest? You can get involved by sponsoring a village workshop or sponsoring a family garden for just $50.


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