Food relief makes an impact
Posted by Emily Lansdell on May 15, 2020

Since the global pandemic has magnified hunger in areas where we serve, the work with our international partners has become more critical than ever. Over the past several weeks, thanks to the ongoing goodness of our donors, we were blessed with the resources to begin food relief efforts in places suffering major food shortages.

To date, Healing Hands and our partners have sent food relief to Honduras, Panama, Liberia, India, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Haiti. In just two weeks, more than 1,000 families have received donations of items such as maize meal, sugar, cabbages, cooking oil, salt, and tea leaves. But the need is only just beginning.

The stories at this time are heartbreaking, but with God’s love and your help, there is hope. There is hope in places like the Oduwo community in Kenya, where in addition to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the community has also suffered flooding from the nearby River Nyando.

“Most of the people in our community have been affected,” said Julian Orimbo, a librarian at the Nairobi Great Commission School. “Their farms and animals have been swept away, lives have been lost and children left orphaned. Problem after problem has made many lose hope."

The lockdowns are also a serious strain on this economy where most people make less than a dollar a day. There is no power and refrigeration and the closure of markets has completely compromised the food supply.

Women like Justina Ogutu, an elderly widow who recently lost her son in the flood, is now left behind with his widow and her five grandchildren. To make matters worse, she fell at her son’s funeral and broke her leg. After a substantial gift of food to help feed her family, she simply prayed to God with thankfulness. Another widow, Margaret, is also thankful after her family of four sons and two orphaned grandchildren lived for days without food

“The timing and the love all came at a time when many so desperately needed it,” said Julian. “The joy that you brought into their lives could not be hidden from their faces.”