Feeding Families Across The Border
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on July 24, 2012

When the HHI team, led by Carl Burkybile, arrived in Baja, Mexico this May, they were immediately impressed by the excitement of the Christians to learn and get their hands dirty. Two workshops were conducted with two different churches, but the unity and support these groups showed to one another was amazing. In fact, one group was so successful in completing their raised bed that they decided to take a break from their own garden and make the thirty minute drive to a neighboring town to help their brothers and sisters finish. One of the leaders of that church said, "It was amazing to see the smiles, the energy, and the love of the Colonet church members as they arrived to help."


That same church leader had this to say about the workshop experience, "Church members working as a team will become more like a family. The garden produce will benefit church members and community people, especially the children." One of the greatest blessings of these workshops was seeing the families work together. Children were working side by side with their parents to learn these skills that will one day be passed to the next generation.