The Faith Of Moses
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on August 22, 2018

Healing Hands President, Art Woods, had the opportunity to meet Maria while in Honduras earlier this month. Maria's smile is bright because her life has been forever changed by access to clean water! She was previously walking six hours round trip to get water in a very rough terrain, eight hours on days they did laundry, leaving at 4 a.m. and returning by noon in order to get other things done.  Now Maria and her family have clean water within six steps of the back door of their very modest home. She was SO very happy and so grateful!  She talked about how this had completely changed their lives and was excited about the future and how this would impact their ability to work and provide for their family.  "She had such a sweet spirit and her eyes were just twinkling when she spoke," said Woods, moved by the encounter. 
This story begins with the Tide 4 Christ ministry in Tuscaloosa, AL. After conducting a very successful Walk 4 Water, the group requested that the money be used in Honduras. So, in partnership with Mission Lazarus, we were able to provide clean water for some 165 families in a very isolated and arid region of Honduras.  Some 75 men worked as volunteers digging over 15 kilometers of ditches through hard and rocky soil over 5 months.  In a place where many politicians, government officials, and other ministries said that they’d never find water, God has provided!  The preacher in the village, brother Moses, is truly a man of faith.  He and his congregation prayed and fasted for many months that God would provide water.  He heard their prayers. 
At the inauguration, even a leader of the local Catholic church expressed publicly that he was amazed at the faith of brother Moses.  He com

mended Moses and all of the congregation for their faith in God and that God has truly answered their prayers.  In a region where the vocal criticism of the church by many Catholic leaders is overwhelming we were amazed to see how a water project had restored civility, brought a large community together, and has allowed the church to build relationships where previously it had been impossible. 
Mission Lazarus and the church in this community are excited to take advantage of these new relationships so that they can study the Bible on a different level with others in the community who have yet to give their lives to Christ and who in the past would have never agreed to a Bible study.  Truly, a project to provide water for a better life has provided Living Water that will continue to quench many people’s thirst to know their Savior for years to come.