An Environment of Growth for Women
Posted by Ashley Reeves on May 3, 2014

Healing Hands International is thankful to be spending some time in Montepuesh, Mozambique, the home of one of our Women Worth A Million groups. This group of 14 women meet together weekly with Martha Smith, missionary to the country. They gather under a grass roof to practice their trade, half of the group focused on sewing, the other half on jewelry making.

The sewing group, a newer group of ladies than the jewelry making group, has come a long way since their first meeting in late 2012. In just under 2 years, these women, with the patient instruction of Martha, have learned to sew. An amazing feat, considering some of these ladies had never even picked up a pair of scissors. Different women are responsible for different pieces of each item. One cuts fabric, one pins the pattern, one hems the edges, another sews the final seams, etc., allowing everyone the chance to make a valuable contribution. “We do it this way because of logistics yes, some women are just better at their task than others would be,” Martha says. “but also it provides a situation full opportunity for dependence on and trust in each other.” All the women involved in this group are Mozambican church members; the Women Worth A Million group provides an additional environment for both spiritual and personal growth as a Christian woman. “There is a whole other level of growth when you’re not only going to church with people, but also running a business alongside them.” 

There have been many lessons along the way, both for the Mozambican women and for Martha as facilitator. Sewing together has allowed this group to practice Christian business principals such as integrity, quality, and blessing others with what they’ve been given. The name the ladies are known by is ‘Urerihana’, which means "making others beautiful and blessing them" in Makua Metto, the local language. Martha says, “We frequently talk about and practice being a blessing to our neighbors. Our little group has been blessed so much by God and these women have learned a lot by having the opportunity to share those blessings." 

If you would like to get more involved or learn more about the Women Worth A Million program, please contact Lydia Steger at