A Dream Realized: K.J. Wright returns to Kenya
Posted by Emily Lansdell on August 6, 2019

A year ago, we were introduced to K.J. Wright, linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. The relationship developed when Wright was deeply moved by what he saw in the Masai Mara region of Kenya – a dire need for clean water. It was then that a dream began to take shape to bring clean water to this area.

After an introduction to Healing Hands International, plans developed for Wright to lead the fundraising efforts for drilling two water wells through HHI. Supporters stepped up to bring this dream to reality. Fast forward to June of 2019 and one well has already been drilled and is functional in the village of Keringani. Wright recently returned to Kenya along with family, friends and Healing Hands representatives to celebrate this first victory. For Wright, it was a victory very different than those he experiences on the gridiron.

“Ever since I was younger, my mom told me that ‘Son, you are blessed and highly favored, so whenever you are blessed, it’s very important that you bless others’,” Wright shared. “This is the best thing I’ve done in my lifetime.”

Village elders from Keringani expressed their own joy after this transformational gift for their community. Every day, villagers from this region travel miles to find any water, much less a source of clean water. The well now represents a better and healthier way of life, which gives them freedom to pursue new sources of income and education. It also provides them more time to invest in their community and their families. Hearts respond to Jesus Christ when hearts are opened with a new lease on life

The more than $76,000 raised for K.J. Wright’s wells project will continue to bring clean water to this region after another well will be drilled soon in another village. We are thankful to everyone who has been a part of this project, and we know that doors have been opened for future projects in Kenya and beyond. 

“Thanks to Healing Hands International,” said Wright” “Clearly you have good energy and good blessings to make this happen.”

THANK YOU K.J. and THANK YOU to all the donors who made this project possible!

To join these efforts and bring another clean water source to a community in need, learn more today and get involved. YOU can make a dream come true! GO TO: hhi.org/water.