Christian Business Women's Conference in India
Posted by Ashley Reeves on February 19, 2014

A few weeks ago, Jackie Hill and Linda Smith represented HHI in India by facilitating a two day Christian Business Woman's conference. The conference was held simultaneously with our Women of Hope conference here in Tennessee, who got to see pictures and video of their sisters abroad. Linda and Jackie worked with several Indian women (including Prasanthi, who oversees our Women Worth a Million work in Inida) to make this conference a sucess. The goal of the conference was to expose the Women Worth A Million ladies in India to practical business training built on Godly principals. This information is particularly pertinent to these ladies because many of these women are students in Prasanthi's sewing school and will need to know how to best market and sell their products once they graduate from her program. The following is an exerpt from an email they sent right after the business conference had taken place. 

Jackie and I [Linda] want to thank you for so many prayers offered not only on our behalf, but for the success of planting a seed of hope and love in many sisters here in India.

Such an event [the Christian Business Women's conference] has never occurred here. There is such a buzzing of excitement everywhere we go. It is such a joy for us to share with sisters who needed a voice...sisters who may have never had an opportunity to leave their home villages, much less spend a night away from their families in fellowship with other Christian sisters. These women got to experience business and spiritual networking like they never even dreamed about. It has been simply amazing to watch.
Stay tuned for more details about the conference as Linda and Jackie return to the States. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of this event!