Business Conference in Mozambique
Posted by Ashley Reeves on May 21, 2014

Recently, HHI was blessed with the opportunity to partner with a team of missionaries in Mozambique to host a Christian Business Women's conference for 60 women. 14 of these women are members of the Women Worth A Million program in Mozambique. They, along with Martha and Jeremy Smith, Alan Howell (all missionaries to Mozambique), and Ashley Reeves (HHI employee), presented lessons on what it means to be a Christian woman while managing a small business, the practicalities of running a business, and how to manage funds earned through a business. 

On the afternoon of May 8th, several Mozambican women and a few Americans gathered and began to sing to to their creator under a large pavilion. The singing grew louder and more passionate as groups of more and more women approached the small structure. Each woman shook the hand of everyone in the room (as is customary), and found their places on the hand woven floor mats.

Amidst a gentle breeze, the faint noise of children playing in the streets, and the occasional crow of a rooster, the conference officially began. The day and a half seemed too short to cover everything these women wanted to talk about! They eagerly participated in discussions and skits, provided testimonies of what it is like to start a small business in Mozambique, and asked questions about new information.

Ashley Reeves taught material on being a godly woman who manages her business with integrity, quality, and the intention of blessing others. Martha Smith taught a section on the practicalities of having a business. We outlined the necessary steps of figuring out how much your product or service will cost you, and at what price you can reasonably sell. Jeremy Smith taught a section on managing them money you receive from a small business. He talked about putting it into three categories: God, saving, and spending and Alan Howell taught a section on overcoming the mindset of poverty. He talked about the possibility of conquering "giants" in developing countries like bad leadership, drunkenness and witchcraft to give your life to something better, something godly like running a business and using that business to bless others. 

Thank you for your prayers for this conference in Mozambique. The fruit of this conference is already starting to grow. Several women who attended the conference are working toward starting a savings group so that each woman in the group would have a turn at a micro loan. Other women have asked for the material used at the conference so they can teach it to their husbands and churches. We continue to expect wonderful things such as these to come!