Benjamin's Family Raising Their Own Food
Posted by Lori Kovach on January 24, 2013

Benjamin, his wife Annah, and their three sons Paul, Christopher, and Emanuel attended a survival gardening workshop in 2012. Using what they have learned to grow tomatoes and vegetables, the family has not had to buy food at the market for four months. The family says at first this new way of farming seemed like magic. Their plants are growing faster and producing more than they did with their previous farming methods. 


In this "new method of farming," Healing Hands International and sister organization Caring for Kenya have taught them to use what you have (vegetation, animal manure, and kitchen waste) to make compost. Farmers are taught to construct raised planting beds with a compost trench in the middle. Two drip irrigation lines are set on each bed and seedlings are planted at each drip spot. Mulching the bed conserves the moisture and reduces weed growth. A 50 foot bed planted with 100 plants can produce enough vegetables to feed a family of five to seven during the dry season. 


Benjamin and his family are a wonderful example of how you are helping Healing Hands International change lives through the Food Sustainability program. Benjamin said, "I wish I would have known this when I was young; however, it is not too late. I will continue to expand as long as I live." 


Read Carl Burkybile's full story and learn more about Benjamin and his family. 


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