Back to the Bahamas: Disaster Relief Update
Posted by Emily Lansdell on March 18, 2020

Life forever changed in the Bahamas approximately six months ago. Since the day that the devastation of Hurricane Dorian hit these islands, we have been using your donations to work with partners here and on the ground there to make a difference in the recovery efforts. Thanks to YOU and partners like Churches of Christ Disaster Relief and Partners in Progress, among many others, we continue to see the wonderful people there slowly rebuilding their lives.

Our partnership with Palm Beach Lakes Church of Christ in Florida has enabled reconstruction work and assistance in the Bahamas. Slowly, life is returning to a new normal for the people in this broken, but still beautiful landscape. According to Joseph Smith, Vice President of Operations, the repair work in Freeport where dozens of homes have been repaired, is coming to its end. The work on the Abaco Islands is still ongoing thanks to church partnerships like those with the Palm Beach Lakes church, in addition to Marsh Harbour Church of Christ and the South Abaco Church of Christ.

Several houses have already been repaired and now that materials are on site, repair is underway on the church building at Marsh Harbour – one of the few churches left standing, according to Smith. The South Abaco church building was completely destroyed, but HHI sent a large event tent for temporary meetings during the rebuild. Additional donations include a number of vehicles, which have been sent to the Abaco Islands to assist with distributing aid and moving construction supplies.

“Once churches are repaired and rebuilt, we pray that they will attract many people from these areas who are looking for somewhere to worship,” Smith said. “Work will continue on members’ homes and on the homes of others who don’t have family or some other safety net to help them rebuild and repair.”

As each project is complete, new projects will begin. These efforts are projected to continue through the end of this year, Smith added. The resiliency and hope of the Bahamian people are ever present thanks to those who care and take action. THANK YOU for all you have done to be a part of making this outreach and recovery possible.