Why We Do It

The heart of the Medical Aid program at HHI is to aid, equip, and empower individuals with the supplies needed to provide healing to the body, trusting that God will work through these efforts to provide healing to the soul. We equip churches, clinics, hospitals, and short-term mission teams with available medical supplies in order to empower them to make a long-term impact in needy communities around the world.  

Men, women and children all over the world are suffering and even dying as a result of living in poverty and inadequate medical care. When a disaster strikes many people lack access to those medicines and supplies needed most. For countless people in other regions of the world, treatment is just too expensive and doctors are too far away. Where medical help can be found, far too often doctors, clinics and hospitals do not have the tools and medications necessary to diagnose and treat patients suffering from the most basic ailments. Because of the short supply of vitamins, antibiotics or fever-reducing medicines, many children are at risk for disease, and often, because of high fever, even brain damage. 

Healing Hands seeks to show the love of Christ to these individuals who are hurting. Caring for the physical needs of these individuals often opens the door for sharing the Gospel.