What We Do

Through programs in medical aid and relief, Healing Hands International has been able to provide the supplies and equipment needed to save and improve the quality of life for thousands of individuals. We have provided doctors, clinics and hospitals with the medications, medical equipment and supplies they need to help their patients living in underdeveloped regions of the world heal. Working through the relationships we have built over the years, we are able to purchase many items at a reduced price and we also receive many supplies and equipment through donations. By taking the necessary steps to heal the body, our ultimate goal is to open the doors to heal the soul.


Once receiving the medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, HHI staff and volunteers inspect and package them for shipment. These packaged medical supplies are then sent to churches and mission points overseas. These churches and mission points distribute the medical aid to hospitals, clinics and individuals who are in need regardless of any bias. HHI is also able to provide short-term mission teams with the supplies and equipment needed to help those they are serving. Many times medical relief supplies are sent as a component of a larger international disaster program as well.