What is M.A.G.I.?

The M.A.G.I. Box Project started in 1997 with our first gift boxes delivered to children in Romania. Since then our gift box ministry has made a Godly impact in 8 location around the world. Over 250,000 M.A.G.I. boxes have been delivered to children living in poverty.

M.A.G.I. stands for Making A Godly Impact and that is the mission of the M.A.G.I. Box Project. Christians from all over the United States pack gift boxes to be delivered to children in need both physically and spiritually. Our partnership with the local church and missionaries is the key to Making A Godly Impact with a shoe-size gift box.

The majority of M.A.G.I. boxes are given to local churches and missionaries to distribute in their impoverished communities. Each gift box is given out with an joyful smile and each family receives a Bible and an invitation to learn about Jesus’ love for them. The impact of a community receiving M.A.G.I. boxes, in partnership with the local churches, can be measured in church growth and Baptisms.

We invite you to join our M.A.G.I. family at Healing Hands International by becoming a volunteer M.A.G.I. Coordinator for your church, organization, or social group. Please email magi@hhi.org for more information on becoming a M.A.G.I. Coordinator.

If you are ready to jump start your M.A.G.I. Box Project, you may order your M.A.G.I. boxes online today. One of our M.A.G.I. team members will contact you by the next business day to offer you resources to make sure you have a fun and rewarding M.A.G.I. Box Project.


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