MAGI Stories

Double The Impact

When the MAGI Project began at Healing Hands in 2000, we were sending about 6,000 boxes to needy children each year. Because of the dedication and excitement of individuals like you, we are now sending more than 20,000 boxes and that number continues to increase each year. In every village where these boxes are distributed, there are always several children who still did not receive a gift because we just didn't have enough. It is heart-breaking to look into the eyes of a child and say, "Lo Siento, no mas." (I'm sorry, no more). However, it is a great source of joy to return to that same village the next year and present that same child with their very first Christmas gift because the response from the U.S. has increased. Will you be a part of sending love in a box to that one special child?


"Dressing" Up MAGI

Over the past few years, the Dorcas Ministry at HHI has exploded! Hundreds of women across the U.S. have gotten excited about using their God-given talents to bless women and children around the world. Because of the overwhelming response from people like you, we are now able to include a handmade dress or a pair of shorts in a large majority of the Magi boxes that leave our facilities. Imagine the look on the face of a young girl who opens her MAGI box to find a brand new dress lovingly made just for her! Watch our latest MAGI video to see one of these faces.