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Attend Workshops In The States

Each year, Healing Hands International hosts a series of food sustainability workshops which cover the same materials we are teaching to people around the world. This event is for everyone from a Master Gardener to those who are just interested in learning a little more. It is a great opportunity for those preparing for mission trips or church leaders who would like to reach out to their community.

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Join the Hunger Fighting Team

What's Worth Fighting For? Everyone deserves the right to eat.

  • A donation of $25 per month in one year would empower 12 families through training and a drip kit to feed themselves for a lifetime.

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Join the Hunger Fighting Team

Sponsor A Village Workshop

How much money would it take to feed your family this year? Did you know for just $1000 you can sponsor a village workshop in a developing country? Join our Hunger Fighting Team and help make a difference in communities around the world.

Sponsor a Village Workshop

Sponsor a Demonstration Farm

Because HHI has agriculture trainers in several countries, we are now able to conduct food sustainability workshops more frequently, with greater ease and less cost. You and your friends could sponsor a demonstration farm/learning center for $5,000, helping to educate communities on how to feed their families and neighbors.

Sponsor a Demonstration Farm