Earthquake In Haiti 2021

Thank you! Your heartfelt response to the needs of the people of Haiti has been humbling and encouraging. As our staff and partners on the ground assess needs daily, we are able to quickly respond because of your support. Here are just a few of the ways that your gifts are already making an impact:

Today, our staff on the ground are loading a flatbed truck to join a caravan of aid workers headed into the disaster site. We covet your prayers as the group will be escorted by the police through gang-controlled areas. Once they arrive at the site, the team will begin to build a staging point for on-going relief work. They will construct temporary shelters (powered by solar panels) using supplies that can later be recycled to build permanent homes for the residents there. The team also plans to setup a food distribution center.

In addition, HHI is currently partnering with a sister organization to provide transportation and supplies for a group of 20 Haitian doctors who are stationed in the hardest hit region. The team will begin treating immediate medical needs of local residents injured by the earthquake.

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