Disaster Recovery Blog
Posted by Lori Kovach on June 6, 2012
Now, more than two years after the life-altering earthquake struck Haiti, HHI's Director of Haiti Operations, Ha
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Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on January 13, 2012
January 12, 2010 will be one of those days that the people of Haiti will always remember.
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Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on December 13, 2011
It's been three years without rain. Everyday is a struggle to find food for your family. One morning you awake to the news that a man is coming to bring food relief to your village.
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Posted by HHI Webmaster on October 10, 2011
When we hear the word “disaster” our minds typically turn to events like an earthquake, tsunami or tornado that claims the lives of several thousand people in just a few moments time. Unfortunately, disasters are not limited to one-time events like these.
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