Ebola to Hunger to Growing Their Own Food
Posted by Brooke Kehl on February 2, 2017

Healing Hands International’s African Agriculture Director Ebenezer Udofia conducted a survival gardening workshop for 110 people in Liberia.  They were taught simple, affordable and practical agricultural skills of composting, raised planting beds, drip irrigation, and mulching.

Ebenezer reports that the workshop had an emotional ending when he heard of their experiences during the Ebola outbreak. As an example, during the outbreak director of the Bear Valley Bible Institute, Robert Dahn, and wife, Mary, had to decide between the safety of their families health and starving from running out of food in their home.  They locked themselves in their house for many days until their food was completely gone. The couple decided to go in search of food while leaving their three children in the house.  Robert and his wife decided that if either of them was exposed to the Ebola virus during the search for food, they would not return home, understanding that it could possibly infect the family resulting in death. 

      The workshop trainees related that many people died not just because of Ebola, but because of hunger.  Almost all of Liberia’s food is imported because of the many years of civil war.  When all the borders were closed during the crisis, the lack of imported food created a second crisis.  Healing Hands International shipped a container of relief supplies during the crisis.  Many of the people who benefited from the relief shipment also benefited from the survival gardening workshop.  They are now able to raise their own food rather than depending on imported food.  


    At the conclusion of the workshop, the trainees honored Ebenezer by presenting him with a traditional dress.  As we meet physical needs, we create opportunities to meet spiritual needs. We praise God for this opportunity!