Dzere Village Celebrates a New Clean Water Well
Posted by Brooke Kehl on August 24, 2016

We rejoice in the news from one of our well drillers in Zimbabwe that a clean water well was  completed in the Dzere Village last week. Our partner in Zimbabwe reports, “ We can already see how important the provision of the well has been to the Dzere Village. The impact is just enormous.”The money to complete this well was donated by the CYC Youth Conference.

Dzere Village has a population of about 4500 with a total of 600 households. Before this well was complete, villagers walked several miles a day to fetch water.

They relied on three community wells all of them being open wells. (HHI wells are closed) Open wells are hand dug and are open to the sky. They are easily contaminated and are usually very shallow. In the Dzere village, only one of these open wells lasts until the rainy season but usually dries up by September.  

The most common disease in villages in this area with unclean water that affects both young and old is Bilharzia, a chronic disease caused by parasitic worm eggs found in dirty water. Bilharzia causes abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and blood in the stool. It can lead to other waterborne related issues such as an Urethral Tract Infection, which commonly affects women.

This water well in the Dzere Village is just one success story of many that tell of the relief being brought to entire villages through clean water wells. Drilling wells are only possibly through your generous support!