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JOIN US on Tuesday June 9 for the Teachers Serving Teachers workshop!
In August, HHI hosted the first of four Education Seminars in Haiti. Five schools from the Port-au-Prince area were invited to the seminar. Each school was asked to send five of its best teachers plus the principal.
We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has donated packs of markers and crayons for the Education Program in Haiti! We are still in need of 400 more packs of markers and crayons before our Education trip in October and would love your help collecting them!
There are many qualities that go into being a great teacher: creativity, flexibility, etc. But perhaps the greatest and most universal quality of a teacher is a servant heart!
Martine, Desir, Carline, Jesula, Guerline, Rosena, Vivianne, Carole, Guerline, Junia…familiar names to me now, names I cherish and admire, names that represent people I have come to love.  Only a short year ago, these names were as foreign to me as were the people they represented.


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