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A few months ago, a team from Lipscomb left for a medical mission in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The team consisted of faculty, staff, pharmacists -local and from the US, pharmacy school students. 
The people of Masaani, Kenya get their water from one of two places: shallow wells scattered throughout the community, or the Masaani River. When both of these options dry out in the dry season, people dig sand pits in the river until water is reached. 
For the past few weeks, the word “Ebola” has permeated our vocabulary. This deadly disease has already taken thousands of lives in West Africa, and without assistance, many more will suffer. We rejoice that the life of Dr.
Our medical supplies program, although sometimes overlooked, is a vital part of what we do here at Healing Hands International.
For the first time since the devastating 2010 earthquake, Haiti held the three-day event known as the "Carnival of Flowers." It was at this event that the AED that Healing Hands delivered to Mrs.


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