Thomas Simubali
  • Birthday: May 17
  • Married to Nchrmunya. They have 1 son and 3 daughters.
  • Earned Degree in Bible & Ministry at Namianga Bible School
  • Teaching Diploma from University of Zambia
  • Attended "Let Us Fight Hunger" workshop by HHI in 2004
  • Deacon at Lusaka Central Church of Christ
  • Former Director of Mapepe Bible College
  • Speaker at Bible Lectureships and Conferences
  • Began working as an HHI agriculture trainer in 2019
  • Thomas says, “Hunger in Africa is real. Survival gardening training provides sitting to create relationships.. You become like a family member and it builds trust with the people. Once the relationship is developed there is the opportunity to share the Gospel and people listen.” Thomas also says change takes time. Follow ups with trainees after the workshops is important if long term change is to happen.